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Founder – Power Procurement Specialists LLC

Mark Hecker is the Founder of Power Procurement Specialists LLC (PPS) and is currently focusing on Energy Efficient Retrofits for Commercial and industrial Clients. Mr. Hecker brings over 20 years of comprehensive business experience in the energy industry. He has extensive knowledge of energy risk management, retail and wholesale energy markets, commercial and industrial customer processes and energy requirements, sustainable energy efficiencies, energy delivery and market protocols. Prior to founding PPS, Mark worked for Entergy in numerous areas with responsibilities for Portfolio Management, Risk Analysis, Load Forecasting, Wholesale Transactions, Regulatory Policy, Industrial Customer Service and Sales, Commercial Strategy Development, Customer Service and Sales, as well as working with Entergy’s Australian affiliate – CitiPower. Mark believes that a key factor to success is the ability to see an opportunity and act upon them in an organized efficient manner. Working hard and keeping solid communications are more than words; they are way to approach all endeavors. Always working to stay ahead of the competition, Mark recently obtained the elite designation as Certified Energy Procurement Professional, CEP, by the Association of Energy Engineers.
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