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We are not a REP or a seller agent—we work directly for you—the power consumer.

We have no affiliation with any REP or PGC, so we shop the market-at-large to find you the finest products at the most reasonable price. PPS focuses ONLY on TEXAS commercial and industrial customers and utilizes extensive market knowledge gained through years of experience with market protocols, rates, potential suppliers, and product availability and adds strong negotiation skills to deliver substantial power savings to your organization.

As a registered entity with the Public Utility Commission of Texas (Aggregator registration number 80150), PPS optimizes the value of your energy spending by reducing costs, managing price risk and improving operating efficiencies.

PPS has unequaled expertise in the power business, and we put it to work for you every step of the way. Our team of utility and power market experts has over 50 years combined experience and assists you with your power choices as well as evaluates underlying market factors that include tariff charges, load profiles, supply prices, and more.

Our team is ready to…

  • Lower Your Power Costs
    PPS knows the power products available and how to manage them to keep your prices at or around the lowest market rates.
  • Monitor Your Load Forecasts
    PPS understands load shapes to get you better pricing.
  • Aggregate Your Load Forecasts
    PPS can aggregate customer load to reduce your costs.
  • Manage Your Risk with REPs
    PPS understands the risk REPs face and can work within constraints to minimize your organization’s risk of receiving substandard prices and services.
  • Offer Customized Service Plans
    PPS understands your business and your individual power needs.
  • Manage Financial Exposure Associated with Load Forecast Changes
    PPS will help you avoid hidden extra cost and penalties associated with changes in power consumption.
  • Provide Regular Reports on Your Power Usage
    Power savings reports for your financial analysis and review.
  • Prepare Personalized Financial Forecasts
    PPS can prepare financial forecasts to help you budget utility costs.
  • Provide Timely Updates on Your Power Profile
    PPS will keep you up-to-date on your complete power profile.
And always… Provide Consistent and Reliable Service Beyond Comparison
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