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Lower Your Energy Costs with our Guaranteed Power Savings 1 (GPS1) Option

With the GPS1 option, PPS offers your business guaranteed savings on your electric costs compared to the ‘Price to Beat’ alternative.

PPS will save you between 10 and 30% on your electric bills every month –
Reducing your overall energy usage expenses as well as other unavoidable costs such as energy delivery fees.

The work PPS does in researching your power needs, shopping the market, negotiating a power deal and monitoring your usage is always FREE. There is no upfront cost to you. Our fee is built into the final agreement with the REP and the REP pays us.

With no cost to your organization, why wouldn’t you have PPS provide these risk-free services?

PPS focuses ONLY on TEXAS commercial and industrial customers and utilizes extensive market knowledge gained through years of experience with market protocols, rates, potential suppliers, and product availability and adds strong negotiation skills to deliver substantial power savings to your organization.

As a registered entity with the Public Utility Commission of Texas (aggregator registration number 80150), PPS optimizes the value of your energy spending by reducing costs, managing price risk and improving operating efficiencies.

PPS represents you, the electricity buyer.

How We Work to Reduce Your Energy Costs…

PPS transforms the maze of power options and time-consuming headaches of product selection into 3 easy steps:

    Step 1: Authorize PPS to review your power consumption history, and analyze your unique power load needs by signing the customer release form. This release enables PPS to access to your company’s meter data.

    Step 2:
    Review the power alternatives presented by PPS, including estimated savings, and select a savings plan that’s right for you. You select the contract duration that meets your needs.

    Our Guaranteed Power Savings 1 (GPS1) option provides guaranteed savings for you if your peak load is less than 1000 kilowatts.

    Step 3: Approve the savings plan and PPS will have the REP agreement prepared and delivered to you. PPS will also facilitate the seamless transfer of your service to the new supplier.

After the contract is signed, PPS keeps working for you. Once you’ve selected a REP, PPS constantly monitors your energy usage, utility bills and savings to see that you get everything promised.

Bills can be confusing in a deregulated market. Knowing what you are paying for and how much you are saving is important. As our valued customer, you gain access to PPS’ exclusive Power Tracking System (PTS), a tool designed to keep your organization informed about its power usage and expenditures. We constantly monitor market trends and your energy usage for possible contract renegotiation – all in an effort to further secure greater savings for your company.

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