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About PPS PPS Team Qualifications Texas Size Savings Market Choices
About Power Procurement Specialist (PPS)
We are your team of energy professionals - ready to assist your organization reduce its monthly utility costs. Based in Texas, our only focus is Texas. PPS represents you, the electricity buyer… continue
Meet the PPS Team Our Qualifications
Our team of utility and power market experts has over 50 years combined experience and assists you with your power choices... continue   PPS has unequaled expertise in the power business, and we put it to work for you every step of the way... continue
Texas Size Savings   Your Market Choices
PPS will save you between 10 and 30% on your electric bills every month, guaranteed... continue   For you the consumer, retail choice (a.k.a., retail access) means that the local utility no longer exists to serve as your sole supplier of electricity... continue
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